I am so exited to be starting Crossfit! I am looking to tone and build muscle and just with the personal training sessions I can already begin to feel a difference! I cant wait to start the classes. And i am very impressed with trainers!
~ Kayla E.

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you guys and share with you the impact each of you, your gym, and your program has had on me.

When I first joined Tekton I expected I would get in shape. After the Fundamentals class, I expected I would get fit through many many reps of wretched wretched push-ups. But what I didn't expect, was how strong I would become and the areas where I would gain strength.

The WODs, of course, are structured to help you realize how physically strong you have become. Seeing your times shorten, your weight amounts increase, being able to do movements you couldn't do before. But I didn't realize the impact this new physical strength would have in other areas. In ignorance last summer I joined an overnight camping trip to the top of Mount Olympus. I had no idea I was capable of carrying a full pack of camping gear and water up a 4,000 foot elevation gain. I can rock climb, practice yoga, trail run half marathons, cross country ski, and run snowshoe races. All these things which before would have intimidated me too much to even try, are now my norm because of the physical strength I gained from Tekton.

The gym has made me mentally strong, showing me the value of applying discipline, structure and dedication to me. I have gained the mental strength to push myself while still respecting my boundaries and staying safe, to persist through setbacks and bad days, and to take a seemingly overwhelming task and approach it one rep at a time. The mental strength I developed from Tekton has expanded to comprehensive wellness; discipline with diet to prioritize cooking, structure to my work schedule to take time for myself, and dedication to be kinder to myself in the face of failure.

And probably the least expected of all, you guys have helped make me emotionally strong. There is a unique kind of vulnerability that comes with trying an extremely difficult physical challenge, in front of a group of people, and totally sucking at it. But the care and support I feel from my instructors who believe in my progress and keep my body safe, and from my fellow classmates who cheer me on and celebrate in my accomplishments, is how I have gained emotional strength from Tekton. You guys have created an amazing community that supports a culture of positivity, self worth, confidence, and familial love.

Thank you. Thank you Remington, thank you Josh, thank you Nate, thank you McKenzie, thank you Ben and thank you Tekton community. Thank you for helping me realize and actualize my strength.  
~ Devon